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Iherb discount code

Can I use the discount / coupon code with more than one phone number?
Different discount codes / coupons can only be used once via one phone number.
Where should I put the discount / coupon code when I want to use it on NON?
You can use your discount / coupon code on the payment and checkout page from Nun, and from time to time we will launch a promotion offering you an automatic discount that will appear immediately when you try to pay the purchases you have selected on your shopping cart page, if the offer applies to the status of your order.
How can I benefit from bank discounts and where can I see them on the website?
The bank discounts will be applied directly and automatically if the required criteria are applied to your account. The discount will be shown only on the completion page and when choosing the appropriate bank card, the discount is directly linked to your bank card.
Can I use the coupon / discount code more than once?
If the coupon / debit code is already used by your phone number, you will not be able to use it again.
Can I use more than one coupon / discount code at a time?
You can only use one discount code / coupon at a time per order. كود خصم اي هيرب

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